Pokémon Fire Red Cheats: Everything You Need To Know

When Nintendo launched Pokémon Fire Red in January 2004, they never thought it would be their second best-selling game. Now the game surely follows the same story as other Pokémon games. A young Pokémon trainer and his search for extraordinary Pokémon catch and train and the overall journey.

The game is not famous because it has some new features or twenty different Pokémon. But critics admired that the game maintained the traditional gameplay but introduced several new features. Even the graphics and audio were more compound. Moreover, there are unlimited Pokémon Fired Red Cheats that players can apply during the game. Now I know that almost every one of you knows what a game cheat is. But if anyone out there has no idea about cheating and only plays a game that beat them several times just like me, please tell me.

Pokémon Fire Red Cheats


Definition of Game Cheat-

It is a sequence of numbers, alphabets, and some special keys that form a series of characters and create a code. Now, this code provides advantages to the players during the game if you put them manually through your keyboard or gamepad button. For example, suppose you are playing Pokémon Fired Red on your computer and failing to catch a legendary Pokémon. A Pokémon Fired Red Cheat will help you to catch the Pokémon instantly without any effort.

The job of a Game Cheat-

Now there are several reasons why players use Pokémon Fired Red Cheats. Usually, a cheat allows them to win battles, escape battles, and unlimited Rare Candy, teleport from one place to another, pass through a hard wall, receive infinity master balls, catch a vicious Pokémon, and many more.

How Can One Get Game Cheat?

Now, if you are using Game Boy Advance emulators, we have a Pokémon Fired Red Cheats list for you. But you can also use the GameShark device to generate more and more cheats.

What is GameShark?

GameShark is a self-generated cheat device that alters the internal- data of a video game. The device is very popular among the Pokémon Fired Red players. However, players of other Pokémon Series also used the device. The device allows obtaining many legendary Pokémon that a player only can get through an event or a tough battle. However, the benefits of the device are not only limited here. Every benefit you get through a Pokémon Fired Red Cheat results from using the GameShark device.

The Best Pokémon Fire Red Cheats and their Benefits-

Here we are sharing the complete collection of Pokémon Fired Red Cheats and their benefits. You can use them on Game Boy Advance Emulators. The cheat will allow you to do several things. For example, you can modify the wild Pokémon, catch and train them, get several Pokémon goodies and win difficult gym fights.

But before that, we want to let you know how to enter Pokémon Fired Red Cheats.

How to Enter GameShark Pokémon Fired Red Cheats-

We have already told you that these cheats are perfect for providing you with some privileges. But the benefits of the cheat also depend on the emulators. For example, VBA and GBA4ios provide an option for the menu. To add a “cheat” there, you have to select the option and then select and copy your preferred code, then past it right at the code bar. Follow the step to understand the process properly-

  • Open your VBA emulator on your pc → go to the “File” option → click on “Open” and search for Pokémon Fired Red ROM → now start the game → once the game is open, select “Cheats” → open “Cheat list” from the VBA menu → Now select “GameShark” → now copy and paste or enter a code manually and hit on “OK” → now you can enter a description of the code or click on the “OK button again.

Your game is ready to proceed. Now, remember one thing you have to follow the last two steps if you want to enter too many cheat codes at a time. But it is recommended to enter a code, play for a while, and enter another code.

If you are using “My Boy Emulator, ” follow these steps.

  • Open “MY Boy Emulator” on your Android device and Launch “Pokémon Fired Red ROM” → now Click on the “Menu” (you will find it at the top-left corner of the screen) → click on the “Cheat” option → now open “New cheat” → click on the “Cheat Name” → (once you click that tab you will see a floating window appeared on the screen of your device) now Copy the cheat and paste there or enter them manually, remember to type all the characters properly without mistakes, and click on “OK” ( you will see the floating window will disappear) → Now open the three dots option, you will find it at the top-right corner of the screen → click on the “Save” option → once you are done go back to the main menu.

You will see the name of the cheat code under the menu option. Now there is a “+” right at the top right corner of the screen. You can add more cheat codes from this option.

You can also turn them off and edit by visiting the “Cheat” option. Again, by tapping and holding the cheat code, you can also remove the from the game permanently.

Now there is a drawback. Using the free version of “My Boy GBA, ” you will not be allowed to input a lengthy code. However, you can put them by entering line by line so that the emulator thinks they are separate cheats.

List of the Pokémon Fired Red Cheats-

To simplify, we have divided the Pokémon Fired Red Cheats according to their benefits. That will probably help you to understand clearly the cheat and their job.

Poké Ball Cheats- 

The cheats should be like this “82025840 XXXX” let the first part be as it is and change only the last part, “XXXX,” to get different cheats.

  • 0001: Master Ball.
  • 0002: Ultra Ball.
  • 0003: Super Ball.
  • 0004: Poké Ball.
  • 0009: Repeat Ball.
  • 000A: Timer Ball.
  • 000B: Luxury Ball.
  • 000C: Premier Ball.
  • 0006: Net Ball.
  • 0007: Immersion Ball.
  • 0008: Nido Ball.

2. Health Cheats-

  • 000D: Potion.
  • 000E: Antidote.
  • 000F: Fire Healer.
  • 0010: Antifreeze.
  • 0011: Alarm Clock.
  • 0012: Anti Paralysis.
  • 0013: Reset All.
  • 0014: Maximum Portion.
  • 0015: Hyper Position.
  • 0016: Super Potion.
  • 0017: Total Care.
  • 0018: Relieve.
  • 0019: Max. Relieve.
  • 001A: Fresh Water.
  • 001B: Refreshment.
  • 001D: Mu-Mu milk.
  • 001E: Energy Dust.
  • 001F: Energy Root.
  • 0020: Healing Powder.
  • 0021: Herb to Revive.
  • 0022: Ether.
  • 0023: Maximum Elixir.
  • 0026: Lava Biscuit.

3. Health Items Cheats-

  • 0027: Blue Flute.
  • 0028: Yellow Flute.
  • 0029: Red Flute.
  • 002A: Black Flute.
  • 002B: White Flute.
  • 002C: Berry Juice.
  • 002D: Clean Ash.
  • 002E: Coastal Salt.
  • 002F: Coastal Shell.
  • 0030: Red Part.
  • 0031: Blue Part.
  • 0032: Yellow Part.
  • 0033: Green Part.

4. Greatest Health Items-

  • 003F: More PS.
  • 0040: Proteins.
  • 0041: Iron.
  • 0042: Fuel.
  • 0043: Calcium.
  • 0044: Special Candies.
  • 0045: AP Plus.
  • 82025840 0046: Zinc.
  • 0047: AP Top.

5. Protection Elements-

  • 0049: Special Protection.
  • 004A: Direct.
  • 004B: Connection X.
  • 004C: Defense X.
  • 004D: Speed X.
  • 004E: Precision X.
  • 004F: Special X.
  • 0050: Pokémon Doll.
  • 0051: Skitty Coal.
  • 0053: Super Protection.
  • 0054: Max. Protection.
  • 0055: Escape Rope.
  • 0056: Protection.

6. Battle Elements-

  • 00D9: Silk Scarf.
  • 00DA: Upgrade.
  • 00DC: Sea Smoke.
  • 00DD: Light Smoke.
  • 00DE: Lucky Punch.
  • 00DF: Metal Powder.
  • 00E0: Large Bone.
  • 00E1: Pole.
  • 00FE: Red Scarf.
  • 00FF: Blue Scarf.
  • 0100: Pink Scarf.
  • 0101: Green Scarf.
  • 0102: Yellow Scarf.
  • 0103: Racing Bike.
  • 0104: Wallet.
  • 0105: Search for Objects.
  • 0106: Old Barrel.
  • 0107: Good Cane.
  • 0108: Super Barrel.
  • 0109: Ticket Boat.
  • 010A: Pass the Competition.
  • 010C: Wailmer Cube.
  • 010D: Devon Pieces.
  • 010E: Hollin Sack.
  • 0111: Pokécubos Tube.
  • 0112: Card.
  • 0013: Eon Ticket.

7. Evolution Stones-

  • 005D: Solar Stone.
  • 005E: Moon Stone.
  • 005F: Fire Stone.
  • 0061: Water Stone
  • 0062: Stone Leaf.

8. All the Levels of Pokémon-

  • 38A014382724- First level for maximum Pokémon.
  • 3FF453949219: Maximum Level of the first Pokémon.

9. ALL Pokémon Medals-

  • Efce867d and 5403d40d- all medals

10. Legendary Pokémon Island-

  • 82031 DBC 0002:  HO-OHY LUGIA – Navel Rock.
  • 82031 DBC 3A02: DEOXIS- Island of Origin.
  • Teleportation Cheat- Like every other cheat, these cheats come in two parts. The first part is “82031DBC”: remain the same for all the cheats, and the next part, “XXXX,” will change for each benefit. For example- “82031DBC XXXX” is the code for transportation cheat.
  • 0001: Green Forest.
  • 0003: Biancavilla (Ribal House).
  • 0004: Biancavilla (House).
  • 0005: Green City.
  • 0006: Museum (Marmoria City)
  • 0007: Heavenly House.
  • 0008: Lavender Town (Pokémon Center).
  • 0009: Aranciopoli.
  • 000A: Lavandonia (Shopping Center)
  • 000B: Safari Area.
  • 000C: Poké-Arena on Cinnamon Island.
  • 000D: Pokémon League.
  • 000E: Saffronia.
  • 000f: Viranda Forest exit towards the city.

Final Words-

Here we are listing only some of my favourite Pokémon Fired Red Cheats. You can search for others as well. Now, remember a few things. First- Try to use one cheat code at a time. Second- Always save your game before you use any code. Third- Always disable the cheat code after you have used it. Fourth- If you are not using a cheat anymore, remove it from the list.

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